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Our Pixie Bobs Diet
It's all gone Mum!
Please note, the following is our personal opinion only and is the diet we choose to feed our Pixie Bob kittens and adults.
The diet of a our Pixie Bobs is very important to us keeping them healthy, happy and active. We personally give raw meat for our Pixie Bobs as part of their diet two/three times a week. We believe, by feeding our Pixie Bobs raw meat not only does this helps strengthen their immune system, it helps with their coats, digestive system, their build and their general well being. After all, cats are  carnivores and if feral would catch Birds, Mice, Rabbits etc.  
Our Pixie Bobs eat the following:

Pixie Bob Kittens
  • Raw Rabbit
  • Kitten pouches in Jelly 
  • Raw mince beef 
  • Goats milk
  • Sardines in olive oil 
  • A complete dried kitten food. First 0-4 months then 4-12 months
  • Once they reach the age of five months I then give them one raw chicken wing / chunk of raw rabbit, once/twice a week.
After the kittens have left their mum we feed them as follows. They have a bowl of their biscuits down all day with plenty of fresh water. They will start off with pouches of wet food three times a day. Gradually we will give them a little raw beef in place of one of their pouches of wet food every other day. As they begin to grow we will give them a little raw beef every day. We feed our kittens the above diet in small potions rotating it three/four times a day every day, making sure that they get a mixture. Once they reach the age of ten months We then feed them twice/three times a day, again rotating, so their meals are assorted.  
Once our Pixie Bobs reach the age of twelve months we feed them the following twice a day in medium portions.
Pixie Bob Adults
  • Raw Rabbit on the bone
  • Adult pouches wet food 
  • Sardines in olive oil 
  • Adult complete dried food
  • Raw chicken wings 
  • White fish
  • Cooked chicken
We only leave the raw meat down for an hour, never any longer. If after this time there is any left (which there usually isn’t) we throw the rest away. We never over feed them; it is only a small portion of raw food we put down for them. Fresh water is just as important and we never, never give them milk. 
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